Mastic asphalt & sealing

Flexible building material with multiple applications.

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Mastic asphalt is a flexible building material that can be used in many areas, including mastic asphalt gutters in road construction, the restoration of bridge surfaces and their sealing up to interior floor construction.

Our company carries out mastic asphalting and sealing and has its own machinery specialized in this work, as well as employees who are always at the cutting edge of technology through continuous training.

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Our striving for sustainable construction methods also applies to our own team. When paving mastic asphalt, employees are exposed to concentrations of bitumen vapours and aerosols, some of which exceed the legally permissible limit values.

By reducing the viscosity of the bitumen using temperature-reducing additives, the exposure can be reduced by up to 75%. In Berlin, the Schütz Construction was awarded the 2002 Hazardous Substance Protection Prize for its contribution to reducing the temperature when paving mastic asphalts.
We also operate the first mixing plant in Hessen (among the top ten mixing plants in Germany) to receive the EMAS certification.