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To supply the construction sites in the Rhine-Main area with high-quality products, Schütz operates an asphalt mixing plant and a recycling plant in Oberursel.

The products are controlled in the company’s own laboratory. Apart from conventional asphalts, Schütz is also dedicated to the production of special mixes. For sustainability, controlled asphalt milling material is added to the products. In addition, road construction materials such as concrete and asphalt base layers are processed in the recycling plant into high-quality recycled material.

Our asphalt products

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Bituminöser Straßenaufbruch

Approximately 80% of the road network in Germany today consists of asphalt roads. The maintenance and adaptation to the increasing loads leads to an increase in the quantities of recycled asphalt. Wherever possible, we use recycled materials to conserve natural resources. The preparation and classification of asphalt paving enables the production of high-quality asphalt pavements.

The recycled asphalt is added to the product mix under constant supervision of our asphalt laboratory. The result: Natural building material deposits are spared, landfill space is saved and the volume of building material transports is reduced.

Other road building debris

Other high-quality road construction materials, including asphalt base layers, concrete, paving, curbs, etc., are also processed here and combined into various recycling products. We are convinced that sustainability is the foundation for the future!