A major employer for the region

300 employees – 30 trainees – 4 generations

We are convinced that only a great team
can ensure the highest quality possible.

As one of the major employers in the region, we coordinate a team of absolute professionals who implement tailor-made solutions on every single project. This is our foundation to be successful now and in the future.

AllAdministration and managementMastic asphalt and sealingMixing plantRoad construction and civil engineeringWorkshop and warehouse

Maximilian Schütz

Managing Director / Research & Development

Jürgen Kaufmann

Managing Director / Head of Calculation

Irina Voos

Authorised signatory / Head of controlling

Beate Pohl

Authorised signatory / commercial manager

Talal Aboulzahab

Construction supervisor since 1960

Frank Brückel

Deputy workshop manager

Ole Keil

Building material laboratory technician

Ibrahim Özcelik

Construction machinery mechatronics technician

Jörg Gutjahr

Certified Foreman

Steffen Richter


Ralph Richter

Authorised signatory Mastic asphalt / Construction supervisor

Ralf Bahr

Construction supervisor

Ronnie Wöll

Deputy Workshop Manager

Philipina Heise


Miroslaw Wolek


Ilka Förster


Petra Schütz


Erika Kubez


Bora Ilhan

Construction supervisor

Birgit Drossel


Dietmar Middeke

Authorised signatory / Manager mastic asphalt

Uwe Rehn

Manager Disposition

Sven Bergmann

Construction supervisor / Dispatcher mastic asphalt

Frank Borschel

Authorised signatory / Technical manager

Sascha Schuwald

Authorised signatory / Head of Human Resources

Maurice Brejnik

Construction draughtsman

Timo Daners

Construction machinery mechatronics technician

Steffen Richter

Manager mixing plant

Corina Erbe-Stanzel


Alwina Klink

Accounts payable clerk

Isolde Hardt

Accounting Manager

Anton Gottschalk

work preparation

Leon Woosmann

Dual Student SME Management

Johannes Schneider


Sebastian Goll

Construction supervisor

Alexander Günzl

Payroll accountant

Christiane Friedrich

Secretary workshop

Erik Schmidt

Deputy technical manager / Construction supervisor

Lauri Komorowski

Workshop Manager

Manuela Sikorski

Reception / Accounts payable clerk

Joshua Mogk

Construction supervisor

Gerlinde Jost

Assistant to the Executive Board

Jörg Schäfer

Check weighman / Dispatcher Mixing Plant

Frank Scheer

Head of Building Materials Laboratory

Maximilian Rühl

Deputy Manager Mixing Plant / Mixing Plant Operator

Peter Birnbach

Mixing Plant Operator / Plant electrician

Hermann Boneberger


Christina Breidenbach

Office Management Mixing Plant

Michel Müller

Workshop truck driver

Marvin Rademacher


Lisa Stahl


Mehmet Özcelik


Marvin Thiel

Construction supervisor

Lina Schröder

Operative Controller

Elena Lahann

Construction supervisor

Jörg Schwarz

Warehouse clerk/ Dispatcher

Verena Kopp

Construction supervisor

Merhawi Kinfe Welday

Warehouse clerk

Bastian Reitz


Thorben Schütz

Industrial mechanic

Holger Stöhr

Construction machinery mechatronics technician

Nico Klapper


Alexandra Neuhoff

Secretary to the Executive Board

Laurenz Endler

Trainee construction machinery mechatronics technician

Mathias Biadatz

Car mechanic

Olaf Peter

Heavy transport driver

Jörg Würz

Workshop assistant

Tobias Lehmann

Trainee construction machinery mechatronics technician

Sascha Lenz

Construction machine operator

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