Ciba Vision – Großwallstadt



Company Dreßler Bau GmbH


Construction time

March 2015 (1st construction phase)
March – April 2018 (2nd construction phase)

Parking deck extension (total area 2,200m2) in Großwallstadt

The parking deck was extended in two construction phases, each with 1,100m² per phase.
The extension of the parking deck created 96 additional parking spaces.

An overview of the work carried out:

  • Shot peening of the concrete surfaces
  • Application of an epoxy resin primer and sealant
  • Application of a bitumen welding sheet with a high support inlay
  • Sealing of the upstands with a liquid plastic up to 15cm above the water-bearing level
  • Paving the mastic asphalt protection and wearing course
  • Lay joints and cast with bitumen