A 61



aventas.bau GmbH & Co. KG


Construction time

August 2017 bis October 2017

Bridge renovation – overpass over the A 61 near Dintesheim

The company Schütz Gussasphalt- und Abdichtungs GmbH carried out the sealing and mastic asphalt work for the company aventas.bau GmbH & Co.

The work was carried out in three construction phases:

  1. Construction phase I: Sealing of the northern bridge cap
  2. Construction phase II: Sealing of the southern bridge cap
  3. Construction phase III: Sealing and installation of the mastic asphalt protective and wearing course of the carriageway slab including the connecting surfaces in front of and behind the bridge structure.


  • Shot peening of the concrete surfaces
  • Application of an epoxy resin primer and sealant
  • Application of a bitumen welding sheet with a high support inlay
  • Paving the mastic asphalt protection and wearing course
  • Work on joints in the area of the caps and day seams.