Parking deck REWE – Essen



Fa. Massenberg


Construction time

August 2017 bis May 2018

Renovation of a REWE parking deck in Essen


  • Concrete surface with bitumen primer 250g/qm
  • Parking deck with 40mm foam glas insulation S3 in hot bitumen 100/25
  • hot bitumen smear
  • 1-layer geomembrane PYE-PV 200 DD laid in hot bitumen 100/25
  • 2-layer welding track PYE PV 200 S 4, fully welded on
  • Installation and sealing of expansion joint profiles in the ramp area
  • Wall connection sealing made of liquid plastic PMMA Alsan. Height approx. 40 cm
  • Mounting parts sealed with liquid plastic

A concrete pressure load distribution slab D=12 cm was then constructed as a carriageway on the entire structure.