Employee survey September 2022

98% of respondents feel comfortable in the team*

As an employer, it is important to Schütz to offer all employees a future-proof and collegial working environment in which each individual can bring his or her strengths to bear. Personal development should also be constantly promoted in the sense of continuous further training.

In order to check how successful the company is on the path it has taken, the management commissioned BauPlus GmbH Consulting to conduct an employee survey. The survey was conducted from 15.09. to 22.09.2022 with anonymous questionnaires. Office and construction workers were almost equally represented.

The results*

  • 95%

    of all respondents are satisfied with their work environment and work content

  • 98%

    of all respondents have a top relationship with their colleagues

  • 93%

    of respondents endorse the company's goals and values

* The survey was conducted by BauPlus GmbH Consulting from 15.09. to 22.09.2022. The statistics are based on  anonymously completed questionnaires.

From the management’s point of view, the overall results were positive: The working atmosphere and team spirit are rated positively by almost all respondents. However, there is potential for improvement in the areas of flexibility of working hours and in communication with superiors. The results of the survey not only provide a picture of the mood, but also an orientation for the adaptation and further development of structures, processes and goals. These will continue to be communicated transparently by the management to the staff in the future.