More safety during the pandemic

The new Corona Regulation on Occupational Health and Safety is in place

Currently, not a day goes by that we don’t receive new information about the Corona pandemic or policy measures to contain it. Not only are most leisure activities affected by the lockdown, but the work environment is also greatly impacted. Schools, stores, hairdressers and other facilities have had to close in order to contain the virus and protect people.

Protecting employees is also a top priority for the Wilhelm Schütz company. Reducing contact in the construction industry, however, is unfortunately a bit more difficult to implement than in many other industries. The number of people on a construction site is usually difficult or impossible to reduce, and home office arrangements are also impractical. Making the main road in the neighboring town drivable again from home is somewhat difficult in reality. There are currently close to 1 million people employed in the construction industry who are confronted with these challenges.

The new Corona Regulation on Occupational Health and Safety has been in force since January 27, 2021

Contents of the regulation include extended safety regulations and contact reduction measures. We have dealt with it in detail and derived and implemented the measures necessary for us. Thus, operationally related gatherings will continue to be reduced to a minimum and, unless contacts can be completely restricted, it is important to comply with the necessary protective measures (keep your distance, observe hygiene, wear an everyday mask and ventilate). If the minimum distance of 1.5 meters or the requirements for a minimum area of 10 m² of space per person cannot be maintained, the mask requirement applies. In order to ensure that sufficient suitable medical masks are available, we have provided surgical masks, KN95/N95 masks and FFP-2 masks at the reception desk.

In this way, we hope to contribute our part to the decline of the pandemic, so that normality returns to our daily lives as soon as possible.

Stay healthy!

Your Team Schütz

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