Coming soon – projects

Hessen needs new construction sites

The first quarter of 2021 is going great so far. Both the big and the not-so-big projects are running as planned and #TeamSchütz is full of motivation and drive. Now, fittingly, new projects and challenges are announced for the teams. In the next two months, 4 new major construction sites will begin, some of which will last up to three years. A lot of work that requires a lot of planning, team spirit and persistence. Here are the construction sites where the red Schütz vehicles and their hard-working employees can be found:

Karben – Through road in Petterweil

In Karben, the L3352 through road is being renewed. This is a joint project of the Stadtwerke Karben together with the town of Karben, Hessen Mobil and OVAG. The construction measures have been divided into four construction phases, in which earthworks, sewer and road construction as well as water pipeline construction work are on the schedule. In total, work on the L3352 will last for one year. By dividing the construction site into different sections, the situation is to be made as pleasant as possible for the residents. This way, the residents will have their well-deserved peace and the Schütz employees will have satisfied people around themselves. The project is managed by Erik Schmidt, who is assisted by Ismail Gökalp.

Gelnhausen – Various bus stops

To make waiting times more pleasant for public transport users in Gelnhausen, 3 bus stops in the town are due to be refurbished. In five months, supervised by Tayfun Tanrikulu, paving, asphalt and curb work will be done. In addition, anti-freeze coatings, special curbs for bus stops and passenger shelters will be installed. The bus stops will be completed in late summer 2021.

Frankfurt – Alt-Bonames, Homburger Landstrasse

Schütz also has new construction sites in the city of Frankfurt am Main. Starting in March 2021, for example, both the road and the sidewalks will be restored in Homburger Landstraße. The road in Alt-Bonames near the A661 forms an important connection between the city of Frankfurt and the town of Bad Homburg von der Höhe. The paving and asphalting work near the Bonames Mitte subway stop will modernize the streetscape of the district within a year. The project is being supervised by Bora Ilhan.

Frankfurt – Wilhelmshöher Strasse

The largest upcoming project is Wilhelmshöher Strasse in Frankfurt. It connects the Bornheim district with Bergen-Enkheim and runs completely through Seckbach. Wilhelmshöher Strasse is home to many important everyday facilities and is now being modernized and upgraded with asphalt work, paving and curb work. Over a period of three years, this project will be carried out together with Walter Feickert GmbH. The construction manager responsible for this major project is Dietmar Leszinski.

We wish all involved parties much success and happy work on the important and great major projects!