Works meeting January 2023

“We alone decide who we want to become.“

Setting the course for another 100 years of W. Schütz

After it was difficult to hold larger meetings during the pandemic, we made up for it in January with the second staff meeting within only 4 months. However, there was also a lot to discuss, including new processes and structures within our own company as well as the overall market landscape of the construction sector.

First, our Managing Director Maximilian Schütz explained that the year 2022 had been successful and satisfactory and the year 2023 has also started promisingly so far (not only from a project point of view). The addition of three new site managers and motivated trainees, from whom only positive feedback has been received so far according to Mr. Schütz, underlines the importance of new skilled personnel and the factor „advanced training” for the future viability of the company. The already large range of special machines and tools was also considerably expanded again in 2022 through investments. The same amount will be invested again in 2023 in the vehicle and machine fleet.

In this context, Mr. Schütz also mentioned the challenges that will face medium-sized companies in the future – also and especially in the construction industry. These include external influences such as the increase in taxes, duties and energy costs. As a result, he said, the delivery times of machines would also increase, which would make it necessary to treat the existing materials with even more care. He focused attention on the appreciation of work, one’s colleagues and work equipment, while emphasising the importance of high-quality work “right from the first pass”. Because doing it right costs less than than doing it over!

In view of the future challenges, it was the concern of our Managing Director to strategically set the course for a reliable and sustainable working environment: “We want to get away from stress and hectic and therefore need clearer agreements and an improved organisation. The digitalisation of processes also plays an important role here,” says Schütz. On a personal level, cooperation and teamwork are fundamentally important for success – as evidenced not least by the positive results of the latest employee survey (according to the survey, 98% of all Schütz respondents have a top relationship with their colleagues). He himself aims to always be fair and honest with staff and expects this vice versa as well. The conclusion of Maximilian Schütz’s remarks was marked by a quote from Carl Gustav Jung, which was intended to make clear that the future lies solely in our hands: “I am not what has happened to me, I am what I decide to become.”

The future holds exciting things in store: In 2024, the company will celebrate its 100th anniversary. To mark this occasion – and to emphasise the company’s regional roots even more strongly – a summer festival is to be held in Weilburg’s Wilhelm-Schütz Stadium (possibly in combination with a football match). There may also be a spring festival in Oberursel and a Christmas party in Gaudernbach. This and much more will move from the idea phase into the planning phase from the middle of the year.

Thanks to Ms Jost for providing the minutes and to Mr Özcelik for the pictures!

Further important points from the works meeting in the summary:

  • Mrs. Sommer from the Limburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce welcomed those present and, together with Maximilian Schütz, handed out certificates to deserving long-serving employees.
  • In the course of the honours, employees who have been with the company for 10, 15, 20, 30 or 35 years were presented with small gifts. For 25 and 40 years, they received a certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and a 13-month salary.
  • Mr. Leichert from Mascot presented our new PPE, including the latest generation of high-visibility clothing and a winter jacket of high-visibility class 3. In future, the asphalt crews will wear black, while the civil engineering crews will wear red.