Works meeting September 2022

“All of us, always, together!“

Ottmar W. Schütz († 1st March 2022)

This year’s Wilhelm Schütz works meeting was held for the first time in the presence of our new Managing Director Maximilian Schütz. Due to recent events, after the welcome by the works council chairman, a minute’s silence was first held in memory of the recently deceased.

A particularly important item on the agenda was the discussion of the results of the employee survey conducted in September by the management consultancy BauPlus. Office and construction workers were almost evenly represented in the returns. The overall results were pleasing: The working atmosphere and team spirit are rated positively by almost all respondents. At the same time, however, improvements were discussed, for example in the areas of advanced training and creating process structures which are more easy to understand and adapt (the latter via process manuals).

On the subject of weekend and night work, Maximilian Schütz addressed the staff personally: He said that the necessity of the work is undoubtedly given, but emphasised his perception that this is a particular burden for families with children. Through improved structures, this situation will be remedied step by step. Maximilian Schütz also thanked everyone for their sympathy on the death of his father. He promised to do everything to ensure that 2023 will be another successful year in the company’s long history.

Other important points in the summary:

  • The works council elected in May 2022 was introduced: WS: Frank Brückel, Pascal Mehr,  Christopher Buss,  Alper Eser, Alexander Günzl (also severely disabled representatives + apprentices);  Oliver Gerten, Manuela Sikorski, Erol Cakir, Holger Stöhr
  • ATC: Manfred Borst
  • WS-GA: Sven Bergmann
  • Youth and trainee representatives: Mehmet Özcelik, Lisa Stahl
  • New elections 2022 for JAV
  • In future, employees who have been with the company for 10, 15, 20, 30 or 35 years will receive small presents.
  • For 25 and 40 years there will be a certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and a 13-month salary.
  • A company celebration is planned for 2023. The venue has yet to be decided.