100 Years Wilhelm Schütz – Festival

Summer festival with our employees and their families

“Work together, celebrate together!” True to the motto of our former boss, Ottmar Schütz Senior, we celebrated our 100th anniversary with you in style on Saturday, 22 June 2024. Thank you and your families for sharing this special day with us!

In very good weather, around 400 visitors joined us on the festival grounds at the Wilhelm-Schütz-Stadium over the course of the day. It really was a festival for the whole family! The children were able to explore various play options, including a mini construction machinery course, bouncy castles and a special kind of goal wall shooting with Velcro balls. Thanks to a large buffet with all kinds of options, the physical well-being was very well catered for. Caps and T-shirts printed with Schütz motifs were available free of charge for all visitors at the “merchandising table” in the marquee.

The long version of the grand “100 years of Wilhelm Schütz” anniversary film also celebrated its premiere: In around 45 minutes, the past, present and future of the company were brought to life on the cinema screen for the numerous visitors in the packed marquee. The lighting conditions during the screening were somewhat challenging – all the better that free USB sticks with the entire film were also available at the “merchandising table” in the marquee. It is also possible to order the film on DVD from our main office. For this, simply contact us directly: Dennis Rathschlag (d.rathschlag@wilhelm-schuetz.de).

Impressions from the event

100 Years Wilhelm Schütz

 “Work together, celebrate together!” on Saturday, 22 June 2024 at the Wilhelm-Schütz-Stadium.

Check out the highlights of the festival!

The highlights


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