A little kindness goes a long way.

Team Schütz is surprised with a delicious snack in Karben.

Annoyed local residents meet heat-plagued construction workers: trouble is usually inevitable during road construction work. According to a report in the Wetterauer Zeitung newspaper, the Wilhelm Schütz construction site in the community of Klein-Karben proves that things can be done differently: When our team was working on the Rendeler Strasse section of the road near the local REWE market, the whole of Germany was sweating and groaning just under the third heat wave. But instead of backing down, our employees bravely continued with the renovation of the sidewalks, the bus stop and the roadway. And lo and behold: the great commitment was rewarded by the local residents with a surprise treat of wine, water and small snacks. A great gesture that we all appreciate very much!

Another resident also thanked the community of Karben with the following words:

“The result (is) great and the procedure was very professional.”

In any case, we are pleased about the many positive feedbacks for our work.

Source: Wetterauer Zeitung, 05.10.2019