Year in review 2019

What we have accomplished in 2019…

As a medium-sized company in road construction and civil engineering, we set ourselves the goal every year to become better at what we do and how we do it. To give you an insight into what we do – and what moves us – throughout the year, we have summarised a few key figures for you.

In 386,217 hours, we completed 259 construction projects and made 63 bus stops barrier-free, providing accessibility to wheelchair users. In order to be able to continually do outstanding work like that now and in the future, we have grown by 45 employees and 13 trainees & dual students in 2019!

Facts at a glance

Asphalt installed
Performed hours
Construction measures carried out
Bus stops made barrier-free
Employees hired
Apprentices and dual students hired

Bus stop Steinbacher Straße: a showcase project

We would like to take this opportunity to express our special thanks to all employees of our company for their great work! We attach great importance to the cooperation with selected and competent colleagues. The fact that we are not the only ones who consider our skilled workers to be suitable is shown, among other things, by the following letter of thanks from the municipal council of Beselich. There we made the bus stop in Steinbacher Straße (Obertiefenbach) barrier-free from the end of October to the beginning of December and redesigned the entire street including the substructure & drainage. In coordination with the municipality and the commissioned engineering office, we were able to hand over a successfully completed project within only 6 weeks.

Many thanks for a successful year 2019!

The letter

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