Herriotstraße – Frankfurt a. M.



Fa. Wiedemann


Construction time

October 2017 bis July 2018

Renovation of 4,865m² on an open-air parking deck in Herriotstraße 4 in Frankfurt

The parking deck was divided into two construction phases, so that fifty percent of the space could continue to be used by the client during the construction period.

The old pavement was demolished on site and the partially damaged concrete ceiling was renovated and shot-blasted.
The entire surface was primed with an epoxy resin to rebuild the waterproofing and provided with a scratch coat to level out any unevenness.
A polymer bitumen welding sheet with a high support layer was applied to the prepared surface by machine welding, forming the first layer of the sealing level. The upstands of the parking deck were sealed with a liquid plastic.

The mastic asphalt was installed in two layers (the mastic asphalt protective layer and the mastic asphalt wearing layer), the surface was scattered with bituminised 1/3 crushed gravel and the joints in the roadside area were filled with bitumen.
In addition, the ramp heating of the access ramp was renewed in half-sided construction in order to allow safe and ice-free access and exit in winter conditions.