City of Bad Homburg compliments Team Schütz

On-time completion ensures satisfied residents

Construction activities in residential areas are not always easy. Who likes to have construction noise outside their home? That is why it is particularly important to us to ensure smooth processes in this area and to guarantee that the planned completion date is met. Of course, the same standards applied to the two construction measures in Bad Homburg v.d. Höhe, which are far more complex than a simple road renovation. For the streets “Oberer Reisberg” and “Im Unteren Stichel”, there was plenty of work to do. In addition to the complete renovation of the road, the kerbs were newly paved, the street lighting was renewed and several pipes were laid.Expressed in figures, the hard-working Schütz helpers set the following in motion:

Road „Oberer Reisberg“:
About 3,000 cubic meters of soil and the same amount of gravel were moved or disposed of. To make this a little more tangible: This equals 300 truckloads. Added to this are 1,200 metres of extended and renewed kerbstone and drainage channels of the same length. In the area of the sidewalks, the Schütz employees paved an area of 1900 square metres and produced almost 3500 square metres of asphalt with the help of an asphalt paver. In addition, the street lighting was also renewed and barrier-free road crossings were provided. The empty fiber optic cable pipes laid in the same project are a first-time investment for the city of Bad Homburg. In the future, they will provide an even faster Internet connection for the residents. The energy supplier Syna also had its lines in this section renewed. A lot of work that had to be coordinated and mastered. What kind of machinery was needed to do this? Well, a 14 tonne wheel excavator, two wheel loaders, various excavators, two vibratory plates and a 17 tonne roller. The costs amounted to about 1.35 million Euros. Planned construction time: one year.

Road „Im Unteren Stichel“:
Here about 1700 square meters of asphalt surface had to make way for 700 square meters of cobblestones and 880 square meters of asphalt. In addition, the street lighting was also completely renewed here. The costs for the road construction and lighting amount to about 530,000 Euros. In addition, here too, line work for the laying of new local power cables on behalf of the energy supplier Syna and the renewal of the drinking water and gas lines on behalf of the Bad Homburg public utility company also cost 284,000 Euros. A construction period of five months was taken into account here.

Now the streets have been properly renewed, the new lighting allows them to shine with adequate brightness even in the dark, and the complex work that was not directly visible has also been completed. All this was done in the time allotted and to the complete satisfaction of the client and the residents.

So there is nothing left for us to do but to say a big “Thank you” to everyone involved! With this we also include the residents, who have shown a lot of perseverance and patience. We wish you a lot of fun with the new streets and the surrounding area.

Your company Schütz