Flood prevention in Weilburg-Waldhausen

Wilhelm Schütz applies civil engineering expertise to a sustainable project

The weather in Germany has recently been showing its extreme sides more and more frequently, be it heat from sunlight or heavy rainfall and storms. For this reason, Hesse’s municipalities must find new ways to deal with the ecological challenges ahead. Due to the location of Weilburg close to the river, it is particularly important to get the water masses under control in order to avoid flooding and the resulting damage.

Together with the engineering office Ohlsen GmbH and the civil engineering office of the city of Weilburg, we have set out to make the area in Waldhausen along the Walderbach, which is susceptible to flooding, more safe. A new intake structure in Wiesenstraße as well as sliders, anti-load protection and grids will help to ensure that the water masses can be controlled much better. The city of Weilburg invested around 300,000 euros in these protective measures: a sustainable investment, especially for the residents, who will be spared flooded cellars (and worse) in the future.

We sincerely thank our partners for their trust and look forward to further joint projects!

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