Fill it up, please!

A new tank truck for #TeamSchütz

Every construction site is different and brings its own unique challenges. Sometimes it takes a few weeks, sometimes a few years. But one thing is equally important in every project: Clean and efficient work. To make #TeamSchütz’s workflows as smooth as possible, the construction site vehicles are always refueled directly on site. For this purpose, the Schütz company recently purchased a new tank truck. This allows the construction site vehicles to be supplied with gasoline even more efficiently and the work processes to be optimized even further.

For the experts, here are a few facts about the brand new tank truck painted in the iconic Schütz-red:

The tank truck is made up of an MB Arocs 1832 L4X2 truck and an Esterer tank truck body type TW 18.140, which has been in use on Schütz construction sites since February 2021.
The approved total weight is 18 tons and the wheelbase is 3,900 mm. The truck has an output of 235 KW, which is equivalent to 320 hp. The former tank truck body has a gross capacity of approx. 14,000 liters and is equipped with two chambers as well as a measuring system. Thus, the tanker is approved for the transport of class 3 substances (flammable, liquid substances) and also has an M-cab.

The new tank truck includes not only a tank and tank storage, but also tank fittings for each chamber, bottom filling according to VOC with an API coupling, pneumatic overfill protection for each compartment, rear fittings cabinet (light metal), piping system, a dispensing device for diesel in the rear cabinet and a dispensing device for AdBlue, which is also located in the rear cabinet.
For the safety and protection of the employees on the construction sites, the tanker has an integrated rear view video system. This allows the driver to keep an overview at all times and in all places! In addition, the vehicle has a tank content indicator that shows the loading volume in liters. The tanker’s dispensing capacity and performance is a maximum of 140 liters/minute ZVA 25 (60 liters/minute ZVA 19).

We are very confident that especially the experienced Schütz driver Björn Paar will have a lot of fun with the new investment and that #TeamSchütz will not run out of fuel in the future with the new tank truck.

With this in mind: Full speed ahead!