Top 3 Tips Against The Common Cold

Schütz construction recommends…

We wish you a happy and healthy new year 2019! After the holidays we’ll get busy again. In sub-zero temperatures and bad weather, however, even robust constitution can quickly catch a cold. How can you defend yourself against the annoying viruses, especially on a winter construction site or during winter road maintenance? We have compiled some of the best tips here.

1. The right clothes

Shoes with non-slip soles are ideal for work on winter construction sites. The footwear should not be too close to the foot so that thicker socks can fit underneath. Long socks are particularly recommended for craftsmen as they cover more skin area and thus provide better insulation. Fleece underwear has the advantage that it absorbs both moisture and heat. Ideally, the underwear has a high-closing collar. Water- and windproof jackets and trousers, e.g. made of microfibres, are recommended for the layer above. The winterproof outfit for the construction site is rounded off by winter protective gloves and cold protection for the head. Depending on whether a helmet is mandatory on the construction site, a winter cap or a cold construction helmet with a special polystyrene shell can be selected for this purpose.

2. The correct nutrition

Particularly on winter construction sites, regular breaks should be taken in a heated environment, e.g. in a trailer or a construction container (at least 21 °C). Well strengthened and warmed up, the risk of a cold is much lower. Contrary to popular belief, the additional intake of vitamin C does not automatically protect against colds. Chicken broth and warm drinks, on the other hand, can never be wrong…

3. Do not forget to wash your hands!

Colds are caused by viruses. They can lurk everywhere on the construction site – whether on ladder rungs, tools or in the company vehicle. Although gloves offer a certain basic protection, but are also taken off now and then. Whether eye rubbing or eating with bare hands: Viruses reach the mucous membranes of the eye, mouth and nose more quickly than one might suspect. In order to avoid a cold, hands should therefore be washed regularly and thoroughly with soap.

Source: Deutsche Handwerkszeitung