Works Meeting January 2024

Ready for the Anniversary Year

The works meeting at Schütz on 19 January 2024 began with a welcome by the chairperson of the works council, Frank Brückel. Initially, everyone took a moment to honour the deceased CEO, Ottmar Wilhelm Schütz, and other deceased employees.

Then, CEO Maximilian Schütz took the floor and discussed the company’s upcoming 100-year anniversary, which Schütz will celebrate later in the year. It was proposed to either organise an evening event with partners or a summer festival with the entire family. After a democratic vote, the majority chose the option of the summer festival.

Maximilian Schütz extended special thanks to all drivers and winter service staff for their exemplary commitment. Their dedication significantly contributed to the company’s success.

A particularly important agenda item was the latest round of the employee survey conducted in November 2023. This survey again provided valuable insights into the current mood within the staff, although participation was slightly lower than the previous year.

Despite some challenges, the employees still view the future positively, according to the survey. Feedback on improvement requests from some employees is taken seriously by the management, and Mr. Schütz stated he is open to discussions to address concerns and find solutions. In his view, open exchange is the key to a positive corporate culture.

Continued investments in new machines, equipment, and tools are planned to strengthen the company and improve workflows in the future. However, this will not happen overnight but is a continuous process. According to Mr. Schütz, he is following a 5-year plan aimed at reaching an optimal state at its conclusion.

There is always room for improvement, particularly in process flows, and management is always grateful for valuable suggestions. New ideas from employees, such as open house days, QR codes on construction elements, or creating construction time-lapse videos, show that the staff are actively and creatively contributing to the company’s development, according to Mr. Schütz.

Finally, numerous long-serving employees were honoured, coinciding with the company’s 100-year anniversary. In this context, employees who have been with Schütz for 10, 15, 20, 30, or 35 years received small gifts. For 25 and 40 years of service, they received a certificate from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and an annual bonus.

Thanks to Ms. Jost for providing the minutes and to Ms. Schröder for the photos!