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  • 20,000 km with the suction excavator

    Milestone for the new addition to our fleet Our new suction excavator has already driven 20,000 kilometres and accumulated almost 1,000 operating hours. Most of these hours have been spent on our own construction sites, especially on the EAM construction sites and in the Industriepark Höchst. There are 2 drivers assigned to the suction excavator, [...] Continue Reading
  • From light to electricity

    Since only efficiency is truly sustainable. Today, there are two dominant trends in the energy sector: on the one hand, climate protection, which has a massive impact on energy providers and their energy production, and on the other hand, continuously rising electricity prices. As a medium-sized company, we see ourselves in a position where, firstly, [...] Continue Reading
  • Fill it up, please!

    A new tank truck for #TeamSchütz Every construction site is different and brings its own unique challenges. Sometimes it takes a few weeks, sometimes a few years. But one thing is equally important in every project: Clean and efficient work. To make #TeamSchütz's workflows as smooth as possible, the construction site vehicles are always refueled [...] Continue Reading
  • Advantage through research

    Company Schütz receives seal of innovation Since 1924, the year we started "paving your way", we have been continuously striving for the best solutions, both for our customers and our environment. In order to always be one step ahead, in addition to ideal project planning and execution, we pay special attention to the field of [...] Continue Reading
  • Mixing plant / Oberursel back in operation!

    Schütz employees sighted at lofty heights Obviously, a re-commissioning of a modern industrial plant is not for people who are afraid of heights! After rebuilding to renew components and increasing capacity, we recently "switched on" our mixing plant in Oberursel again. However, with such a plant it is unfortunately not enough to simply push a [...] Continue Reading