• Beware, Mr. Snowman!

    The W. Schütz winter service is coming... When Team Schütz arrives, all the snowmen tremble... on the other hand, thanks to our road clearance services Santa Claus' carriage always has a free ride on the streets of Hessen, even without four-wheel drive. We wish all employees, friends and business partners a relaxing holiday and perfect [...] Continue Reading
  • Year in review 2019

    What we have accomplished in 2019... As a medium-sized company in road construction and civil engineering, we set ourselves the goal every year to become better at what we do and how we do it. To give you an insight into what we do - and what moves us - throughout the year, we have [...] Continue Reading
  • A little kindness goes a long way.

    Team Schütz is surprised with a delicious snack in Karben. Annoyed local residents meet heat-plagued construction workers: trouble is usually inevitable during road construction work. According to a report in the Wetterauer Zeitung newspaper, the Wilhelm Schütz construction site in the community of Klein-Karben proves that things can be done differently: When our team was [...] Continue Reading
  • Mixing plant / Oberursel back in operation!

    Schütz employees sighted at lofty heights Obviously, a re-commissioning of a modern industrial plant is not for people who are afraid of heights! After rebuilding to renew components and increasing capacity, we recently "switched on" our mixing plant in Oberursel again. However, with such a plant it is unfortunately not enough to simply push a [...] Continue Reading
  • Welcome, apprentices and students 2019!

    We are glad you ended up with the right team! A total of 10 apprentices recently started their service with Team Schütz, including the prospective road builders Philipp, Benedikt, Jan, Tim-Luca and Günay, the draughtsman Mehmet, the industrial clerks Lisa, Emirhan and Dennis and our dual student Marvin. Of course, a photo shoot in front [...] Continue Reading
  • Test run for the final exam

    Our apprentices prepare for the big day So that the upcoming exams are not a problem, we have already held trial exams on our premises for the Schütz apprentices. Under the leadership of Schütz apprentice manager C. Brühl and our experienced foreman M. Borst, the apprentices laid small pavement and mosaic surfaces in preparation for [...] Continue Reading
  • Visit at the Friedrich-Dessauer-Schule

    The best training is on-the-job! We are always on the lookout for motivated junior staff who are interested in a job in the construction industry and would like to support us in our work. We were all the more delighted when 14 students from the Friedrich-Dessauer-Schule visited us at the end of February to get [...] Continue Reading
  • Foreman course: Congratulations!

    15 Schütz employees have completed the VBU course "Civil engineering, earthwork, road and canal construction". The employees of Schütz Construction were taught extensive specialist knowledge and basic knowledge in leading small working groups. By this qualification the company Schütz documents the pursuit of excellently trained employees. The employees are now able to assume more responsibility [...] Continue Reading
  • Kickoff for 2019:
    Meeting between associations & politics in Hesse

    Ottmar W. Schütz makes a clear statement to politicians "Too little has happened in the last five years!" At their joint annual kick-off event at the end of January, the Association of Construction Entrepreneurs in Hesse e.V., the Hesse-Thuringia Construction Industry Association e.V., the Association of Consulting Engineers and the Association of German Master Builders, [...] Continue Reading
  • Top 3 Tips Against The Common Cold

    Schütz construction recommends... We wish you a happy and healthy new year 2019! After the holidays we'll get busy again. In sub-zero temperatures and bad weather, however, even robust constitution can quickly catch a cold. How can you defend yourself against the annoying viruses, especially on a winter construction site or during winter road maintenance? [...] Continue Reading