• Sprudelhof Bad Nauheim

    Sprudelhof Bad Nauheim Client Magistrat der Stadt Bad Nauheim Construction time 16.11.2023 - 29.11.2023 Underground car park access ramp Sprudelhof Bad Nauheim Main works Waterproofing and mastic asphalt work in accordance with DIN 185332-1 and 18532-2 Overview 200m² ramp area The structure consists of: A sealant and scratch coat of epoxy resin A waterproofing consisting [...] Continue Reading
  • Laboratory Building Mainz-Lerchenberg

    Mainz-Lerchenberg Client Karrié Projektentwicklung GmbH Construction time August – September 2023 Laboratory Building Mainz-Lerchenberg Main works Waterproofing and mastic asphalt Overview Underground car park - ceiling Special features PCC equalisation produced on site and non-DIN-compliant drainage channel Continue Reading
  • B486 – Offenthal / Eppertshausen

    B486 - Offenthal / Eppertshausen Client Hessen Mobil Straßen- und Verkehrsmanagement Darmstadt Construction time 24.07.2023 – 25.08.2023 Pavement rehabilitation on the B486 between Offenthal and Eppertshausen Main works Asphalt work (milling and paving) and verge work Overview 4 construction phases / 33,000 m² in total Continue Reading
  • Ramp Program A66 AS Erlensee

    Ramp Program A66 AS Erlensee Client Autobahn GmbH des Bundes Construction time 31.07.2023 – 29.09.2023 A66 Junction Erlensee Main works Basic road renewal (Asphalt milling, Manufacturing HGT, Asphalt paving) Overview 1. BS: 15.400 m² Milling, HGT, Asphalt paving + side strip 2. BS: 4.000 m² Basic road renewal (as BS 1) 3.800 m² Renewal Asphalt [...] Continue Reading
  • Karben – Petterweil

    Karben – Petterweil Client Terramag GmbH Construction time March 2023 – February 2024 Development area north of the Fuchslöcher Main works Development of a new residential area Overview 1,400 tons of AC 16 TD 500 tons of AC 22 BS Pmb 1,000 tons of AC 32 TS B 50/70 1,600 tons disposal of construction waste [...] Continue Reading
  • Steinbach – Berliner Straße

    Steinbach – Berliner Straße Client City Steinbach, NRM Netzdienste Rhein-Main GmbH, Wasserversorgung Steinbach GmbH Construction time January 2022 –  June 2023 Renewal of Berliner Straße in Steinbach Main works Sewer construction Gasleitung Water pipeline Road construction Overview 300 m sewer 400 m water pipe 400 m gas pipeline 3,500 m² road surface Construction site tour [...] Continue Reading
  • A661 – Bad Homburger Kreuz

    A661 – Bad Homburger Kreuz Client Autobahn GmbH des Bundes Construction time July – August 2022 Ramp program 2022 Bad Homburger Kreuz Main works Banquet works Base course works Asphalt works (base course/binder course/cover course) Fault clearance works Overview 350 m³ of banquet work 11,200 m² Hydraulically bound base courses construction 11,100 m² asphalt removal/paving [...] Continue Reading
  • Stadtwerke Offenbach

    Stadtwerke Offenbach Client GBM Service GmbH Offenbach Construction time June – July 2022 Stadtwerke Offenbach Main works Civil engineering for cable works Building foundations for transformer Placement of charging stations Overview 100 m³ earth excavation 10 km laying cables Special features Parallel execution with 3 subcontractors Continue Reading
  • Frankfurt – Messe

    Frankfurt – Messe Client Messe Frankfurt Construction time April 2022 Shell construction - Messe Frankfurt Main works Shaft sealing of the grease separator Special features Contract relates to the major Messe Frankfurt project and includes work such as trade fair construction as well as stand support and work on masonry, etc. Continue Reading
  • Friedberg-Mitte – Framework contract

    Friedberg-Mitte - Framework contract Client OVAG Netz GmbH Construction time 01.03.2022 – 29.02.2024 Framework contract Lot 3 District Friedberg-Mitte - Ober-Roßbach & Friedberg Main works Execution of earthworks and cable laying works Works for fault clearance Special features Day and night on-call service in the event of faults in the mains network in the Friedberg-Mitte [...] Continue Reading